ENVI – The Electric Car of the Future

Electric vehicles are no longer a thing of futuristic sci-fi movies. The new Chrysler ENVI combines sleek design with electric performance that offers clean, economical solutions to transportation. The ENVI vehicles are slated to hit the market in 2010, just before they head over to Europe.

ENVI has a number of vehicles in its lineup – including fuel-less electric vehicles and fuel efficient range-extended electric vehicles. These vehicles are not only going to be Chrysler models, but also Dodge and Jeep models as well, ensuring that no matter what kind of car you’re looking for, you’ll find it in a fuel-efficient version as well.

What’s the difference between fuel-less and range extended? A fuel-less car runs on a battery. Simply charge it into a 110-volt outlet for about eight hours to recharge the car for a range of 150-200 miles. The range-extended car can also be charged on a standard household outlet. However, the range-extended car drives for about 40 miles on that battery power, then can go another 400 miles or so based on the battery power charge that the car gets as it runs.

The ENVI vehicles will operate in the same way that their equivalents operate today so that as a driver, you won’t notice a difference in handling or operations. You will, however, notice a difference when it comes time to refuel – or recharge!

ENVI cars come with front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, four wheel drive so that you have all of the maneuverability options you need as well.

In addition to helping you save money on fuel, the ENVI lineup will help to save the environment as well because the car does not have tailpipe emissions. These cars can also go just about as fast as a normal car; the Jeep EV will go up to 90 MPH, the Chrysler will go to about 100 MPH and the Dodge will go up to 120 MPH. So keep your eyes open for the newest in fuel-efficient automobiles that will save you money and decrease your green footprint!