Run Your Car on Water – Myth Or Reality

The world is becoming more environmentally friendly on a daily basis and this involves reducing carbon footprints and finding renewable energy sources. One thing that has really come to the forefront in recent years is using alternative sources of fuel to power an automobile. Foreign and U.S. auto manufacturers have developed hybrid vehicles and are now working on those that run only on electricity. The most recent claim is that you can run your car on water, saving money while at the same time helping the environment.

Gas prices have steadily climbed higher and are not expected to decline in the near future. Consumers are increasingly wary of purchasing vehicles that are not efficient when it comes to the use of fuel. They also feel a responsibility to protect the earth for future generations so they fear the environmental damage done by harmful emissions from automobiles. This has them looking for cars that contain other options when it comes to fuel sources.

The newest technology involves turning hydrogen into oxygen and then converting that oxygen into electricity that propels the automobile. It is referred to as HHO and information regarding this phenomenon can be found in news headlines and online. People can convert their current cars to run on H2O using an electrolysis cell that can be made at home. This all sounds like a bit of a gamble on a vehicle worth tens of thousands of dollars, so there are guides available for purchase that provide detailed instructions.

The process works by taking electricity from the auto and electrolyzing the H2O into a hydrogen-oxygen gas mixture. This mixture, a 2:1 ratio of hydrogen to oxygen atoms, is commonly called HHO, oxyhydrogen, or Brown’s gas. The mixture is sent to the intake manifold within the vehicle and replaces some of the costly gasoline. The guides and kits sold online increase the fuel efficiency and reduce the emissions of the automobile.

The Japanese auto company Genepax has developed a prototype vehicle that runs solely on H2O. It actually can run on other liquids such as those from a river, the sea, or even a cup of tea. Right about now, most people are having flashbacks to the movie “Back to the Future.” Maybe those actors were not crazy, just way ahead of their time, because it seems the technology used in the movie has now become a reality.

The Genepax Water Energy System (WES) seems to be a fuel cell that converts oxygen and hydrogen into electricity. This electricity is used to power a motor designed to drive the wheels. The concept of fuel cell technology is not a mystery but this system gets the hydrogen from water, which is what makes it different. Some claim that hydrogen changes the burn rate of engines, allowing them to extract more energy.

Whether all of this technology is hype or fact remains to be seen because it has not been widely tested. However, it is now possible to run your car on water at least partially, using one of the available conversion kits or guides. We can only hope that the highways will someday be filled with quiet vehicles that produce no emissions because they run only on H2O.