In-Car Entertainment – Technology Moves On

Car Audio and In-Car Entertainment is an essential feature of any car. In-car entertainment has come a long way from the days when your options were an AM/FM radio or if you were really lucky, a cassette tape player. Thanks to the reduced costs of devices such as LCD screens/monitors and the cost efficiency to the end consumer of the ever converging media playable technologies (in-car entertainment hardware units are capable of playing CD, MP3, WMA and DVD), In-Car Entertainment is within reach of an increasingly larger base of consumers. However, before you part with your hard-earned cash, whether on a Pioneer car stereo, a JVC speaker system or an iTrip or Belkin MP3 player connection kit, try and check out what other drivers think about their in-car entertainment systems.

Improving the quality of your in-car audio experience can be as simple or as complex as you decide to make it. Today, consumer choices for In-Car Entertainment have grown in quality and sophistication. Today’s automotive electronics engineers are actively exploring new worlds when it comes to the exciting world of In-Car Entertainment. The electronics industry is seeing increased demand for this type of in-car technology.

Whatever your driving habits, entertainment preferences or budget, there is a growing range of in-car products to turn driving into an exciting, vibrant, emersing entertainment experience. When you spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a vehicle, in-car entertainment is an absolute must. Hours and hours of tedious motorway driving rapidly passes by whilst listening to your favorite music. Many in-car audio systems now come with MP3 player connectivity so you can attach and play your favorite music directly from an MP3 player through the cars entertainment system.

As the cost of automotive electronics continues to fall, the increase of additional electronic technologies, such as navigation and advanced telematics, will expand so rapidly that they will soon be standard features in most vehicles. Not so long ago you either paid a fortune for a dedicated satellite navigation unit fitted into your car’s dash or struggled with a PDA and a separate GPS receiver plus a tangle of charging and connecting cables wrapped around the steering column and most of the car floor. Many of the GPS Navigation Systems even have a business address facility so that you can enter a name and the system will direct you to your required destination.

New technology has enabled vehicle audiophiles and gadget technophiles to take advantage of MP3 technology and USB devices. Whether you’re looking to connect your iPod, other brand of MP3 Player, USB Drive, Hard Drive or just a simple CD Player you’ll find an in-car entertainment company that will cater for your needs.