Pioneer AVIC-X920BT – Could This Be What Your Car Is Missing?


It’s the next-generation installations for automobiles. You’ve got a touch screen, voice commands, navigation, automatic play list generator, eco-friendly features-all in one! Either finding the nearest McDonald’s or calling a business partner, you’ve got them by just voicing out commands. It even responds to conversational speech as if you are talking to a real human being.

It’s got a comprehensive map database with millions of destinations in United States and Canada conveniently right there in your dashboard. Talk about complete control for navigation. Yeah just tell the X920BT where you want to be and it will show you the way! All you have to do is input the voice commands and you’re good to go!


It totally redefined the old-school head unit we are all used to. It offers so much more than that. It integrates Pandora Internet streaming that makes music options limitless once you connect your iPhone. Organizing music has never been so much fun with MusicSphere with its interactive and easy-to-use features. MusicSphere can make your own playlist for you, saving you a lot of time.

It is very easy to navigate through your music. With just a stroke to the right, you can have the best play list suited for you. Play lists are stored on your iPhone and can be obtained through the MusicSphere interface.


Its large 6.1-inch WVGA touchscreen display will cater to your needs! Its 3D animation makes it easier for users and intuitive. The DVD/CD Player Supertuner IIID has advanced analog and digital processing that produces superior imaging, less distortion and artifacts, and stronger, smoother signal reception.

Final Words

It is indeed technology at the end of your fingertips, literally. Because when you’re driving, you do not have full attention to the music you are going to play and you need to pick a song fast-X920 enables you do this with ease-it will choose your favorite song in an instant!

It is really revolutionizing the way technology is made with its eco-friendly features. It provides status reports on your impact to the environment, it estimates fuel costs of trips and it even gives you detailed driving reports! With the Pioneer AVIC-X920BT, you’ll always be ahead of the curve.