What Are Some Different Types of Fuses?

These are magic little pieces of either glass or plastic. No they are not really magic but they do protect your electronics in the car. The way it does this is by it blowing and not causing any damage to the cars electronics. You can find them in a fuse box in the car. Those could be either in the dash or under the hood of the car.

This will also depend on what kind of car that you have. There are different kinds of fuses for the cars depending on the where the car was made. Most cars have either Glass fuses or they maybe Blade fuses. Glass fuses are small in size and are not as popular in today’s cars but the older ones did have them. They are glass and on the ends have metal tips. The good thing about these fuses were that when they blew you could easily tell it. Most of the time in the cars now a days the only place you will find them are either on the wire to the cigarette lighter or on the back of some of the older radios.

The blade fuses are more popular in the newer cars. These are not as easy to tell when they are blown but are easier and smaller to use. No more breaking when you go to change them. But along with the good you have the bad that being how can you tell if it is blown. The easiest way will be to use a test light and check each one or if they are not marked then you have to pull each one till you find the correct one.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you replace the fuse with the correct size and type. Just because the fuses are the same in length and width. Does not mean they are the same in the amps that they are capable of handling. This is the most important thing to remember when dealing with fuses.