Dirt Bike Racing – What You’ll Need

When you first start to race dirt bikes, there are many different items you will require before you will be allowed on the track.

Firstly, you will obviously need a dirt bike, make sure the bike you get is the correct bike for you, i.e. A bike you are capable of riding safely. It would be inadvisable for someone starting out in motocross to get the most powerful dirt bike available as they just wont be able to ride it.

Secondly, if you are going to be travelling around in order to race your dirt bike, then you will need some sort of transportation for your bike. This usually comes in the form of a van or a trailer. These bikes are obviously not road legal as they are not registered and do not comply with regulation so riding them to the track is not an option.

Once you have these then you will need safety equipment in order to ensure that you are as safe as possible when out on the track on your bike. This equipment starts off with clothing, there is specialist dirt bike clothing companies out there which produce clothing which is designed to keep you safe when riding a dirt bike.

It is vital that this clothing is purchased as there is a huge risk when riding dirt bikes, and you will want to be protected if you come off your bike. This clothing is made from tough material and includes pads all over to keep you as safe as possible.

You will also require a helmet and goggles, these are essential when riding a dirt bike. If you come off your bike after a jump and smack your head, there will be nothing to protect you except for a helmet so try to get the best one possible.

You will also need a descent pair of boots to keep you protected, many peoples feet and ankles are often the part of their body which get injured if they fall, and good boots will also provide protection from blistering and damage to the skin when using the gear selector on the bike. Similarly you will need gloves to keep your hands warm and protect your hands from blistering.

Once you have all this equipment sorted you will be ready to race safely, you just need to check with local race authorities that you do not require any extras to race and your off!