Top 5 Features Your Winter Motorcycle Jacket Must Have

Riding in the winters on a motorcycle means you need to get prepared. Although most professionals and motorcycle enthusiasts say you don’t need preparation when you have passion, it is not a wise move. You need to stay ready and know when and how you can feel cozy. If you feel winters are a little difficult for you, make sure to get a good motorcycle jacket that can help you stay cozy throughout your journey. The majority of people go for a fancy leather jacket that can help them look fancy and make a fashion statement. However, you need something much more than a black leather jacket in winter. Mainly because leather is not good enough when you are thinking of stopping the cold gusts of winters and another good reason is that in limited visibility you need something that can help you stand out and improve your visibility. In short, you need to stay comfortable and still keep in mind that safety comes first.

With the help of this article, we will mainly talk about some of the easiest ways you can select a good motorcycle jacket for riding in winter. We will list down some of the most important features that can help you get a goody cozy jacket.

Top 5 Features You Need to See While Looking For Winter Motorcycle Jacket

Majority of motorcycle enthusiasts have at least three to four jackets and they are already familiar with what suits them better. Another important thing is the weather conditions. Depending on the severity of the weather some people buy lighter jackets that can help them in winters but are also breathable. People living near sea areas look for jackets that are cozy at night but also help them stay cool during the morning. Some of the features that you must keep in mind when you are looking for a jacket specifically for winters include:

Inner Detachable Lining

While looking for a good winter jacket look for something that has an inner detachable lining so you can add a thick fleece or a breathable material depending on the weather. This will save you a lot of money

Back Protection

Most jackets do not have back protection and this is the reason you get vulnerable when you are riding a motorcycle. However, during winters in case you get into an accident you need some extra protection because aches are severe in winters.

Complete Collar Coverage

While riding in winters make sure you have something that can help you cover up so you can protect yourself from the cold winter air. There are turtle neck collars and full neck coverage collars that you can try.

Double Zipper and extra padding

Some jackets offer full protection by helping you secure everything with a double zipper. Apart from this, some jackets come with extra padding near the elbow and shoulder area.


A reflector is a small neon lining that mainly enhances the visibility of the rider on the road. It helps other drivers see you from a stance so they can drive accordingly.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, most people might think the budget is very important and rightfully so. However, more than budget you need to get something that offers good value for money. If you are not getting something that is offering better features for the same amount of money, you might not want to buy it. In short, get something that is comfortable and also helps you stay safe.

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