Ultimate Trip Packing List for A Winter Motorcycle Road Trip in the USA

Winter and Christmas break mean you have a lot of time to enjoy everything that you want. With so much leisure time, most people decide to spend it with family at home, however, this means you can also indulge in some adventure sports. Motorcycle enthusiasts from around the globe wait for the winter season to arrive so they can get ready for an extreme winter trip where they can enjoy the cold while riding a motorcycle. For most people, extreme cold can be pretty painful but if you have a passion for adventure you can make it fun. Experts say that conditions get really worse in winters which is the reason you need to stay prepared. No matter how much you train yourself it comes back to the planning and packing you have done for the journey.

With the help of this article, we will mainly explore some of the things that you will need for your winter road trip to the USA. We will also list down some simple tips that will help you stay cozy and help you stay safe using winters.

Packing List for A Winter Motorcycle Road Trip in the USA

Winters in the US can be brutal depending on the place you are visiting. You will have a few places that are far too cold but then there are a few places that stay warm throughout the year. With the help of this packing list, we will help you pack for a motorcycle road trip in extreme cold.

Clothing Items

For clothing items just your jacket is not enough, you also need Hand Warmers, Heated seats, Helmet lined with thermal control material.

Traction Items

Winters means snow which means you will have less traction and friction. The best way to resolve this issue is to get thick chains, studs, and metal fixers that you can fix under your type for better friction.

Food Items

Food items are very important because, in extreme cold, most places shut down. Make sure you have a thick flask full of warm water as well as energy bars and dry nuts so you can stay warm.

Maintenance Items

Make sure you have your tool kit and other maintenance tools with you because in extreme winter and snow you might not be able to find a suitable garage to help you fix your motorcycle.

Tip for Winter Safety

  • If you feel your hands are getting numb, take a break and use exhaust to keep your hand warm
  • Wear a thick jacket with a bright reflector to stay cozy and improve road visibility
  • Wear a helmet with filtered ventilation so you can avoid the direct cold wind
  • Keep the ventilation of the helmet open so you can avoid the foggy mirror
  • Wear a fleece cover to help you cover up your neck and ears

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you need to stay prepared. From simple clothing items to carrying a warm flask with you, all these things will help you during the journey. One of the most frequently reported reasons behind the accident in winter is limited visibility whereas the second most frequent reason is numbness of feet and hands due to cold. There is a cure to both these issues if you keep in mind the winters. This will eventually make your journey much easier, safe, and comfortable. While packing keep in mind that you need to balance the luggage on a motorcycle which leaves very little room for imagination, so make sure you are not packing too much.

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