Tandem Axle Fender Skirts – The Importance of Fender Skirts

Fender skirts are not just an aesthetic addition for your vehicle. They actually serve a real purpose. They are designed to lend extra protection for your cars bodywork. They can be used on most types of vehicle including trailers, motor homes and fifth wheels. Some vehicle models will already be fitted with these but for the most part they are something that you can either fit yourself or have your local garage workshop fit them for you. They are readily available should you need to replace them due to damage either from an accident or from debris being thrown up from the road. For the younger car owners they are often bought to enhance the vehicles body lines.

They can be purchased as single axle or tandem axle skirts. Why should you purchase these skirts? The answer is pretty simple have you ever noticed that after just a very short while that your bodywork is starting to lose its showroom look mainly due to road conditions and not through any fault of your own. Small body dents, paint chips and scratches are an everyday hazard that is beyond your control, this is not only limited to those that use roads that are in more rural areas it can happen just as easily on city streets.

These fender skirts are great for keeping small rocks and stones from getting trapped inside your original fender which I am sure you have all experienced at some time. Have you ever spent hours trying to track down an annoying rattle coming from somewhere under the car only to find out that it’s just a small stone caught in the fenders lining. Having fender skirts fitted to your car or RV can greatly reduce the likelihood of this happening to you. For those of you that do a lot of road trips maybe for vacation or your job, you spending many hours driving- they are invaluable for keeping your vehicle not only dent and scratch free they can save the vehicle from more serious damage from small rocks that can be thrown up by your tires on roads that are not in such good condition.

No matter what type of vehicle you want to protect, fender skirts are available for nearly all makes and models. They are manufactured from a heavy duty ABS high impact plastic and can take a lot of abuse thrown up from most road conditions. For those of you thinking of adding this type of protection to your vehicle, be sure to check with your supplier so that you get the correct skirt to fit your car or RV. If you are replacing a badly damaged skirt check to see if the damaged part has a stock number stamped on the inside of the skirt, that way you are assured of getting the right fit. They can be bought to match your vehicles body color or if you want to add a little flair to your RV you can get them in a color that will do just that.

If you are going to fit them yourself you will need to write down the exact height and length of your vehicles bodywork. To keep costs down you could be looking to buy secondhand skirts. Be careful when going down this route as the car they are being taken from may be the same make but could be a different model. In this case they may not fit properly. If you’re going to purchase them from a dealership it’ll be a good idea to shop around and watch out for shipping costs as well as the company’s policy on returns just in case your parts should arrive damaged.