A New Type of Luxury Car is Now Available – The Executive Mobile Office SUV

The idea of the right location for a business goes hand in hand with the choice of transportation. The business world has evolved so much so that, most businesses are working hard to keep up with the technology that is indispensable to their business.

Until now, Business people were wasting a lot of time in traffic or traveling in their cars because they could not work efficiently or did not have access to the internet. For these people, Time is worth a lot of Money! And big money is lost in traffic or while traveling because they cannot be as productive as if they were in their office.

This has changed: A new Type of Luxury Car is now available: The Executive Mobile Office SUV of the 21st Century. This luxury vehicle allows a businessperson to be able to work and communicate as if they were in their office!

What are the benefits for the Businessperson? Lots of Time and Money saved while traveling, a much more comfortable time spent in the vehicle, meetings can be done inside the vehicle, vehicle is internet Wifi compatible, desks installed fore a better work experience, seats can lay for resting, little bar for hydration, privacy divider from the chauffeur, to name a few.

The vehicle itself has a fine finish and looks absolutely slick from the outside and it is easy to park. The Mobile Office can allow the technology that allows the Execs to work from wherever they may be. The internet can be available in the SUV so that work can be done and communication via email can be established.

Inside de vehicle, there is nothing but luxury everywhere you look. The customized interior and the equipment installed in the Mobile Office SUVs are outstanding. Everything that is needed to travel comfortably or to work is of high quality and is at the tip of the fingers.

The reclining seats are complimented by arm rests and sliding foot rests for total comfort. The seats are powered by electricity and can be set for back massage. On the side panels of the comfortable chairs, 2 folding desks are mounted and can be used for work. The Power Ports will run the laptops anytime they are needed. The 32″ Flat Screen TV can be used to watch TV, play games, watch a movie and it can also be used as a computer monitor. There are 2 additional 7″ Flat Screen TVs mounted on the right and the left pillars.

Music has always been a source of enjoyment, a mood lightening, an ambiance maker and a moral lifter. Music can help people to loosen up and to communicate better and, when it is needed to relax while in transit, it is available at a touch of a button.

The customizations of the SUV Mobile Offices are prompted by the demands and the need to keep in touch with life and to work from anywhere in the world. These Mobile Office SUVs are not exclusive to corporate Execs; private owners can enjoy all the benefits they have to offer.

It is fair to say that tech people are working to improve the workplace technology for tomorrow’s global business. When the new, indispensable and important gadgets get here, they will also be built in the Mobile Office SUVs because it is our mission to make sure that sumptuous corporate and private transportation have the amenities needed for work and to insure a smooth and comfortable travel.

A last word: This new type of Luxury Car is actually less expensive than a regular prestigious car…