Few Words About Daihatsu Fourtrak

Daihatsu Fourtrak is a United Kingdom export variant of Japanese Daihatsu Rugger. It’s also well-known Daihatsu Rocky in other countries. There were two generations of vehicle. First generation was manufactured from 1984. It replaced older model – Taft. Second generation was sold from 1992 to 2002. Besides that, there was Italian version called the Bertone Freeclamber. It has different specs and features.

Fourtrak is a utility, cheap and unpretentious workhorse with the great off-road opportunities. Short base, four-wheel drive, relatively small weight and a powerful diesel engine had made a real monster, panzer with ability to deal with any kind of terrain anywhere on the Earth. Daihatsu didn’t change the traditions and made small, durable and inexpensive SUV.

Of course it’s not perfect. In the first place it is not comfortable. At all. It is not strange because the simplicity, reliability and comfort are often incompatible and certainly expensive. The main purpose of this vehicle is to take you from point A to point B in all conditions. Anywhere and always. But spring suspension shakes too much. In Daihatsu Fourtrak there are no airbags. Even in the last modifications. There are no air conditioner and climate control. Side impact bars and three-point safety belts are the only safety systems. Forget about CD or DVD Player. There are only radio and cassette player in the best modifications. But there are power windows, power steering and power mirrors. Actually, the equipment is very poor. Aerodynamics of the car isn’t very good. On the speed you will get an annoying whistling sound which is caused by wind on the wing mirrors.

But it is not important. Main is inside. 2765 cc turbo diesel, five-speed manual gearbox and permanent four-wheel drive are the choice of the real men. It is a great all road. It’s a vehicle for adventures. Are you an adventurous person? Yes? You must have a SUV like that. It has twin sunroof in the hard top. There is also a model with soft top. It is ideal for driving on sunny beach.

Just try this mix of Japanese reliability and wild energy and you will like it.