Is it a Good Time For You to Buy an SUV?

S.U.V.’s can be exceptional value now on the automotive market. Many automobile owners are “dumping” or getting rid of their vehicles at a loss due to the exorbitant money they are paying to fill at their vehicles at the gas pumps to fill their tank with fuel. In many cases it is not only rationalization by the owner as to why it is a good thing to sell their vehicle at a loss, or even end lease payments or car purchase payments early and pay substantial penalties for doing so. It can actually make good sound financial sense when the numbers are crunched that by selling their S.U.V. now rather by holding it to term that sum total costs will be much less if the car is relinquished now. It some it can even come to the S.U.V. owner seeing the writing on the wall that if current gas prices continue in their trend that with the driving habits and distances of the owner that they will not be able to pay those high fuel costs and maintain their household or the lifestyle that they are used to currently.

It’s a good time to buy an S.U.V. If you need or want one. Economics in the end always come down to supply and demand. In this case there is a huge oversupply of SUVs with very little demand. The S.U.V. buyer, not the seller, is in the driver’s seat when it comes to make a deal.

Is an S.U.V. for you? After extensive travel and research Winnipeg based automotive industry expert William Simpson notes that owning or purchasing an S.U.V. may be an exceptionally wise choice for many. It all depends on their circumstances and vehicular as well as travel needs. An S.U.V. may be a correct and very choice for you as a motorist and automobile purchaser.

For example if you are a weekend angler who tows a boat – then an S.U.V. can be a very wise choice. Towing a boat requires power and torque. Use a smaller, more inadequate vehicle and not only will you suffer by poor performance and low gas mileage but also take a hefty chance of risking exceptionally expensive transmission repair bills. Ditto the same for owners of trailers whether they take them on weekend jaunts or tow the trailer less frequently leaving the trailer on site for longer jaunts.

Some people just most comfortable with trucks. Others are “truck people”. For a large family an S.U.V. affords lots of space for the family. The S.U.V. can be seen as the 60’s station wagon of our day. Others need the large size and ruggedness for work on the job. An S.U.V. is essentially a well made truck; rugged and well proven packed with options. If a tradesperson or an executive in an industry which requires onsite travel to remote and rugged terrain requires the use a truck like vehicle or wishes the luxury of it all then an S.U.V. may be just the ticker. Small economy cars may be good on gas in the city but may just not cut it out in the bush or have the carrying capacity needed for the job or the recreational retreat.

Some people feel that a S.U.V. due to its bulk and substance is a safer vehicle. Some statistics have proven that this is not so. Again it all depends on your circumstances. At test crashed of 15 miles per hour this may be so. However this may not be the case at high speeds on the freeway or highway when other vehicles not only have inertia but are also larger and heavier as well. The bulk and thick metal frame of an S.U.V. has saved more than one motorist from injury in crashes whereas in a smaller lighter car they would not have been as fortunate. The question arises of safety with roll overs and SUV’s. Often the determining factor in many of these accidents was inadequate air pressure in the tires. It has been noted that very few people check their tire pressures on a regular basis as routine and preventive maintenance. Make it an essential practice to regularly have your tire pressures checked – especially before highway and vacation travel.

In the end it comes down to choice and preferences. Is an S.U.V. a wise choice for you? Different strokes for different strokes. One size does not fit all. If you determine that an S.U.V is for you now is an excellent time to strike a deal. High supply and low demand may well put you in the driver’s seat for a more than anticipated good deal.