Rear-Steer Grapple Trucks Handle Tons Of Waste!

Globally speaking, waste management businesses endeavor to achieve a more sustainable and greener environment. Because of this, some companies are searching for new methods to collect and transport bulk waste in order to eventually eradicate conventional waste collection systems. This can be accomplished through the use of the recent technological advancements of the grapple truck – which could be considered as the “hereafter” of waste collection management.

Basically, the grapple truck is a powerful hydro-mechanical machine with rotational capabilities consisting of a clamp-like grapple attached to a hydraulically controlled boom arm. It is marketed with various configurations, one of which is the rear-street loader or system.


This piece of bulk waste collection equipment is an independent unit and unlike other versions, has a clamp-like grapple mounted on a short frame chassis at the back of the driver’s cab. The dump truck is separate from the truck for easy collection of bulky refuse. Once the unit is positioned at a collection site and ready to perform its tasks, the loader is maneuvered from the operator’s cab. The driving controls are used to allow the unit to move toward the rear and then tow a gathered load to a separate hauling truck.


Waste collection can be easily and rapidly managed using this method which can serve as a substitute for the customary, tiring bulk refuse pick-up method, eventually decreasing the number of personnel needed to complete the task. It can also help reduce the number of injuries and serious accidents that occur at a job site. It is the latest breakthrough directed at decreasing labor costs, maximizing time, promoting efficiency and increasing productivity.


One important aspect that should be known when moving into a new neighborhood is how the trash is handled and removed which includes knowing how bulky trash is collected and what specific items can be collected. Generally, bulky refuse is piled at the front of a yard as close as possible to the road. During scheduled pick-up, the collection crew services the designated area using a grapple truck. Upon arrival at the work location, a driver positions the truck in one direction and then enters the operator’s cab to manipulate the device. Separate hauling trucks can then be positioned in line, facing opposite of the rear-steer system and takes turns collecting the bulk items and transporting them to the processing plant for the separation of recyclables.


This vehicle is very effective to use during emergency situations such as unauthorized dumping, intersection obstructions and tree limb pick-up resulting from branches trimmed due to a storm. Local governments can respond to these kind of issues by dispatching a rear-steer system for the prompt pick-up of such items.

Waste management systems have come a long way in producing a sustainable and green society. The combination of using hauling trucks and a rear-steer system for handling tons of waste is a good approach. This modern truck configuration was designed to easily pick up and haul tons of heavy material. The waste industry is entering into a new period of improvement by offering a bulk refuse management system that is revolutionary not only in the way garbage is handled but also in the technology and approach used to handle the most pressing issue – the collection of bulk refuse!