There’s a Cherry Picker for Every Type of Job!

The demand to reach different heights with ease and comfort using a single tool has been increasing since the cherry picker was first introduced. Originally, this mobile access platform was created for fruit harvesting; however, due to its versatility and efficiency in elevating workers, it was adapted and is now widely used by many different industries. The key feature of a cherry picker in performing various aerial jobs is its basket or elevating access platform.

Access Platform

The solution to being able to reach tall heights lies in the use of various access platforms. There are different designs and configurations to help workers safely reach any area where a task needs to be performed. When buying a cherry picker, it is vital to check the specifications of the bucket and find one that suits individual business requirements. Today there are several aerial platforms available such as scissors, self-propelled and the popular truck-mounted baskets, all of which are durable, versatile and highly functional so a job can be accomplished in an easy and comfortable manner.


This vehicle was originally designed to be used in the orchard to harvest fruit with relative ease; however, this simple machine has been transformed into a powerful tool that caters to numerous industries. Technological improvements have provided vehicles to be used for: servicing telephone, power and cable lines; changing advertising signage; window cleaning; tree care; street lamp maintenance; and fire rescue as well as in the entertainment industry for movie-making and concerts. Instead of using a ladder for aerial tasks, an aerial lift device can be used for both convenience and safely that is compact and easily transported from one work site to another for efficiency and productivity.


Just like any other heavy-duty equipment, safety is always a priority. Before operating these vehicles, it is imperative to read the user’s manual in order to understand proper use and to become familiar with the hazards associated with operating such trucks.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued a new handbook initially written to guide a bucket truck user in the prevention of falls which are considered the most common cause of serious injuries and death while operating this equipment and include the use of fall-arrest or protection systems such as full body harnesses and lanyards. It highlights the use of hydraulic outriggers for operational stability and emphasizes the importance of biannual inspections of the equipment.

Equally important is for drivers to undergo comprehensive training in order to operate this equipment properly which is very important in accident prevention.

When it comes to choosing the best aerial lifting device, a cherry picker should be at the top of the list. Its bucket offers a variety of application-specific configurations that can be customized based on personal preferences. When it comes to safety compliance, all operators should monitor vehicle performance, conduct systematic inspections and maintain the truck as recommended by the manufacturer. Cherry pickers can accomplish many tasks because of their versatility and functionality. Learning about the many uses and the importance of the bucket will not only improve productivity but also help prospective buyers select a cherry picker that is best-suited for any business!