Converting Your Van for Camping

Converting a van can give you unlimited opportunities to make your vehicle as personalised as you want it. Camping is a great example of the sort of specialised changes you can make to your van and the many accessories and extras that are available for a commercial van. You can turn it into the near perfect companion during a short break or long holiday away. The advantage of having much more space and more manoeuvrability can sway even the most affluent caravan enthusiast towards a well equipped and modified van.

In the past, when people thought about camper vans they would immediately conjure up images of Volkswagen vehicles, but with the popularity of vans such as the Ford transit many people are beginning to see the opportunities they hold. Here are just some of the accessories that can be added to your van to make it as camper friendly as possible:

Furniture kits

Furniture kits are a great way to include many of the features you are used to at home in your van and all of them are designed to be as space saving as possible. Everything from kitchen units with sinks and washboards right though to folding tables and storage cupboards can be fitted within your van and provide you with all of the mod cons to help you and your family enjoy a camping holiday.

Roof Conversions

Many people have roof conversions fitted to their vehicles to give you that little bit more headroom, this is not the case with larger long wheel base models but still applies to vehicles like the connect model van.


A lot of people will immediately think that sleeping and living for short periods of time inside a van to be an extremely dark and dingy affair, which is why fitting extra windows can brighten up and make a much more personalised space. You can also get blinds that are not only decorative but also very practical when privacy is needed.

Much like furniture systems, bed systems provide wonderfully comfortable sleeping and at the same time are incorporated within the vehicle to give the utmost use of available space. Many bed systems can be installed as dual purpose units, doubling up as seating or other storage bays.

As you can see there are countless ways to convert your van to give you the best possible use of space, there are even more options available that you can find either online or through the help of your local commercial van garage.